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Welcome today's job joke. Our daily clean joke about jobs can include topics such as bosses, employees, menial tasks, co-workers and much more. Come back daily to see our clean joke about jobs!

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Today's Joke About jobs

Friday, April 26, 2019


A grandmother was walking along on the beach with her young grandson. She told him to stay close to her side because the undertow was bad that day. But as little boys will be, he scurried ahead of her jumping in and out of the waves. She called to him again when a giant wave washed over the beach. She looked and her grandson was gone, carried away by the wave.

She fell down on her knees and began praying vigorously. "Lord PLEASE send my grandson back! PLEASE!!!" In the next few seconds another giant wave washed over the beach and there lie her grandson, stunned but otherwise fine.

The grandmother looked at him and then, instead of thanking the heavens for his return, she shouted sat the boy, "Where is the hat you were wearing!"

- contributed by Sandra from Macon, GA

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