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Today's Joke About health

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thumb Sucking

A little girl loved sucking her thumb very much... Even though she was now five years old, she hadn't stopped the bad habit.

In an effort to break the habie, her mother lied to her, and told her that her stomach would swell and eventually burst if she didn't stop sucking her thumb. The lie scared the little girl so much that she stopped sucking her thumb immediately.

A month later, an old friend of the family's, who was pregnant, stopped by for a visit. When the little girl walked into the room to greet he she stopped suddenly and stared at the woman's belly. After some hesitation she greeted the old friend.

The lady noticed the little girl's hesitation and said, "Hi! I guess you are wondering where I've been, aren't you?"

The little girl answered, "Not exactly, I know what you've been doing and you better stop it fast."

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