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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Bee Sense

A long time ago, there was a beehive in the middle of a forest.

Every day, the worker bees would go out into their fields, gather pollen from the flowers, and bring it back to make honey.

The bees had a problem, though, because every so often an intruder would come around, such as a bear who wanted the honey, or kids who thought it'd be fun to throw rocks at the hive.

Finally, the bees got tired of it. Being the intelligent bees that they are, they built an alarm system for the hive. They built it such a way that when one bee would pull a lever, it would trigger an alarm that the bees could hear from the fields. When the worker bees hear the alarm, they could swarm back to protect their home.

There was one bee who was exclusively assigned the job of setting off the alarm, and he was aptly named the "Lever Bee." His job was to watch for signs of danger and pull the lever to sound the alarm.

Now obviously, the security of the hive depended on this one Lever Bee. So he had to be constantly ready and on the alert to be able to do his job. And that, friends, is why people say, "I'm as ready as a Lever Bee."

- contributed by Sandra from Macon, GA

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