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Today's Joke

Frog Prince

An 80 year-old woman was walking down the main street in her hometown one evening when she heard a low voice say, "Hey lady."

She looked around to see who was talking but upon seeing nobody there she shrugged it all off and continued walking. Before she got another five feet, she heard the same voice, only a little louder, say, "Hey lady!"

She once again looked around and didn't see anybody, but when she went to walk again she saw a frog sitting at her feet looking at her.

The frog then opened his mouth and said, "Could you please help me?"

The elderly woman was shocked at first but picked up the little frog and asked him what he needed. The frog proceeded to tell the woman that he was actually a handsome young prince that had been turned into a frog. All the lady had to do was to kiss the frog on the lips and he would turn back into a handsome prince, and would then be eternally grateful to the woman.

Well, the woman thought for a moment and then quietly slipped the frog into her purse. As she was walking away she quietly muttered, "At my age I'll have more fun with a talking frog."

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