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Welcome today's health joke. Our daily clean joke about health can include topics such as diet, exercise, doctors, nurses, medicine and much more. Come back daily to see our clean joke about health!

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Today's Joke About health

Friday, July 25, 2014

Basketball Q&A

Q. What Do Basketball Players Play When They're Young?
A. Hoopscotch!
Q. What Do Basketball Players Snack On?
A. Turnovers!
Q. What Do Basketball Players Watch On Saturday Mornings?
A. Courtoons!
Q. What Do You Call A Sweaty Basketball Player?
A. A Hot Shot!
Q. What Do You Call An Unbelievable Story About A Basketball Player?
A.  A Tall Tale!
Q. What Do You Call Two Gay Mexicans Playing Basketball By Themselves?
A. Juan On Juan!
Q. What Position Did The Skunk Play On The Basketball Team?
A. Scent-Er!
Q. Where Do Rich Basketball Players Keep Their Basketballs?
A. In Ballrooms!
Q. Why Did The Basketball Player Take The Basketball Home?
A. Because The Referee Declared It A Free Ball!
Q. Why Did The Basketball Player Throw The Hoop In A Lake?
A. Because He Wanted To Sink A Basket!
Q. Why Do Basketball Players Look At The Shot Clock?
A. To See How Much Time They've Killed!
Q. Why Do People Like Basketball Players?
A. Because Basketball Players Are Court-eous!
Q. Why Is It Bad To Play Basketball With A Pig?
A. Because It Will Always Hog The Ball!
Q. Why Was The Basketball Player Arrested?
A. Because He Stole A Ball And Shot A Basket! 

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