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Welcome today's family joke about parents. Just like children, parents can say the funniest things. When children and parents get together, moms and dads can say some really funny stuff!

I hope you enjoy today's clean joke about parents.

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Today's Parent Joke

Friday, October 31, 2014

A woman with six children in tow approached the train fare counter and asked for five tickets.

"One for me", she said, "then two full-fare for John and Jack who are 16; two half-fare for Millie and Mollie who are six; and none at all for Tim and Tom who are only four."

The ticket agent stared at the brood of twins. "Do you mean to tell me, madam," he said at last, "that you get two children every time?"

"Of course not," the woman replied. "Usually, we don't get any at all."

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